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School Dress Delivery for Majors

Please be aware of the following dates. In order to have dresses for teams and performances, please allow appropriate time for construction and delivery by ordering by these deadlines. Any dress ordered after the deadline for the event will incur a rush fee which could make the dress as high as double the cost plus overnight delivery charges. Please be aware that due to time constraints and other dresses in the que, dresses ordered after the deadline cannot be guaranteed

EVENT                 Delivery  Date                                 Order and Deposit Due

St Patricks Day           March 1                                           December 30

Worlds                       2 weeks before                                    January 1

NAIDC                         June 20                                             May 1

WRO                          November 1                                       August 15

SRO                            November 20                                     September 1

Christmas                  November 1                                       December 20

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