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Guide to Buying a Dress......
What to know before purchasing a Solo Dress-New or Used!
Purchasing a Solo dress is a big investment. There are many things to know before you purchase one. I’ll try to cover the important points that every Feis parent should know - When in doubt, find a Dressmaker at the Feis or an Experienced Parent to guide you
1. Quality counts!! A solo dress is an investment- you spend a lot of money and need to be able to sell it when your dancer grows!
2. ALWAYS check with your TCRG before purchasing a dress. You represent their school and they want to see you looking your best! If you buy one they do not approve of, you’ll have un-wearable dress.
3. It is important to go with what suits your dancer! No point having the latest bells and whistles dress if it looks awful, or is uncomfortable or your dancer simply cannot dance in it.She has to wear it, so she has to feel good in it.
4. Choose colors that look great on the dancer- If she is in a dress she loves, posture changes and dancing improves.
5. Make sure the style is suited to your dancers level and age. A Novice dancer in a Champ dress will be expected to dance like a Champ.
6. Buy a dress with resale in mind. A dress you can sell when your dancer has grown is worth the money!
Used & OTR pitfalls -
1. Buying used online? Have the dress seller to agree to let you send it back if it doesn't fit, otherwise you'll be stuck with a dress that doesn't fit.
2. How are the crystals attached? Are they falling off? If they are attached with hot glue- do not buy the dress. If they are just falling off new crystals can be put on correctly.
3. Check inside for let out and let down. Dancers grow suddenly and if there is no room for altering, you have to purchase a new dress. Check for notched seams- these dresses cannot be altered,
4. Check for sleeve let down- if the sleeves cannot be altered the dress will look too small when your dancers arms grow, even if the rest of the dress fits.
5. Check the seams- are they finished or fraying? A quality dress will have finished seams.
6. Stretch Velvet- it has to be stabilized or the weight of the skirt will stretch the bodice, making it pucker and become very unflattering in a short amount of time. Once this happens- your dress loses value and will be hard to resell.  A good Seamstress knows this & will never make that mistake.
7. The zipper should not buckle and curve on the dancers back
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