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New Dress Bags  


Our Irish Dress Bags are made in 3 sizes, especially to fit your dress, light weight & just the right size for even the tiniest dancer to carry herself! Make a request if you don't see one you love - I can usually find what you are looking for!

 Our Irish DressBag is water & stain resistant. 
Check with us if you don't see one you like, as we are constantly changing stock.  

         Ordering Info
In order to ensure the dress bag fits your Class or Solo dress, you'll need a few measurements -  lay the dress flat and measure:
For Fold Over:
1 Total dress - shoulder to hem
2. Width of skirt

For Wedge:
1 Fold dress in half at waist. Measure fold to hem
2. Width of skirt

For best fit choose a bag 3-4 inches larger than the dress.
If you have questions, you can call us at (520) 841-1490 or email our staff -  

Drawstring Backpack -Perfect for Shoes & dance gear now available - $10 
                       in same design to match you dress bag! 
Taryn Dress Bag-Length is shoulder to hem. Width is across the skirt.
Once the dress is in, the bag the bag folds - Great for sequins-Dress bodice does not  touch skirt.

 WEDGE Dress Bag- The Wedge is our latest dressbag option. It is the familiar wedge or slice shape. The dress folds on itself then the bag is closed over the folded dress..  There is a continuous zipper along the curve of the bag. For fit measure dress folded in half - waist to hem and across width of skirt. You can order a custom fabric  or a factory produced bag

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